Students interested in the Mathematics major at SNHU, will be able to advance their abilities in mathematical method reasoning and problem solving.

A student graduating with a degree in Mathematics will be prepared for a broad range of careers in quantitative fields including: business, education and government agencies.

This program is also best suited for those students interested in pursuing graduate studies in business or quantitative fields.

University Core

B.A. Core

- PHL 214: Formal Logic

- GEO 200: World Geography

Choose one of the following:

- COM 341: Technical Writing

- ENG 330: Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

Major Courses:

- MAT 210: Applied Calculus I

- MAT 211: Applied Calculus II

- MAT 229: Mathematical Proof and Problem Solving

- MAT 230: Discrete Mathematics

- MAT 240: Applied Statistics

- MAT 300: Regression Analysis

- MAT 315: Abstract Algebra

- MAT 350: Applied Linear Algebra

- MAT 370: Basic Real Analysis

- MAT 380: Error-Correction Codes

Choose two:

- MAT 361: Geometry for Teachers

- MAT 440: Math Education and Research Practice (this course will require field work)

- MAT 450: History of Mathematics

- QSO 320: Introduction to Mgmt Science

Employers seek college graduates iwth quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Why should students major in Math?Math majors are versatile: students who major in math are not locked into one career path for their entire livesMath majors command high salaries: According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (2009) survey states that 15 of highest earning college degrees have one thing in common: math skills.Math majors enjoy a high degree of job satisfaction: Three of the five jobs on a survey that considered jobs according to enviornment, income, outlook, physical demands where; mathematicians, statistician and actuaries.

Program Overview




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